Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

This past week, the girls were out of school all week long. We had talked about maybe going camping during the first three days or going early to see family, or possibly putting up our tree and Christmas decorations since we seem to be so rushed after Thanksgiving. In the end, we had three deaths in our church that week that Will had to either preach at, be at, or we had to cook for. So between, that and my procrastination, we didn’t do much of anything productive. It was nice though to just be home with the kids.  I enjoy cooking for the families that have lost loved ones. It is about the only thing I can do while having to take care of the kids because Will has to be there and visit.


On Wednesday, we left for Mrs. Joyce’s house. Everyone was able to be there the day before Thanksgiving so the kids all helped her decorate her tree. I am not sure where Parker is in this picture unless that is him bending over in the back just past Matthew’s head.



Thursday we had a very laid back and relaxing Thanksgiving. That morning, the kids all made Oreo Turkeys. Luke ate everything on his plate instead of making anything out of it.



I made a new cake this year from a recipe I got off of Pinterest. It was good at first (very rich), but after a day it dries out (that is why I like boxed cake mixes).  It looked good though.



And of course what is a Rushing family get together without Mrs. Joyce and Will making everyone stand there for fifteen minutes just to get one good photo. Here is our group shot.



After lunch, we traveled to Mobile to eat leftovers with my family and do some Black Friday shopping. After a lot of discussion about whether or not we dare go to Toys R’ Us on Thanksgiving Day, Amy and I decided not to go until three AM on Friday. We went to Target, Belk, JCPenney’s, Shoe Station, Toys R’ Us, Lifeway, McDonalds, the gas station, Walmart, Kmart, and Dirt Cheap; in that order. We had a productive day and were able to get almost everything we saw in the ads that we wanted. After eight and half hours, we decided to call it quits. All I have to say about the photo below is…SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2011-11-25 11.38.42


That afternoon the kids helped to put up Nana’s tree. All Luke wanted to do was ride the tractor. Here he is with Paw on the tractor. I think Paw created a monster.



Overall we had a great week! Now to just find time to decorate my house. And find the energy to tell Luke no three thousand times a day. On second thought…maybe we should wait to put up the tree until the week before Christmas.

Veterans Day 2011

I know I am a little late, but I just wanted to give a few quick posts about what we’ve been up to lately.  During our Veteran’s Day weekend we camped at Styx River. Will was able to take that Sunday off and we had a nice time spending it together. Usually when we camp, Will has to leave on Saturday evening to prepare for church on Sunday and then he doesn’t get back until Monday and we have to start packing up to go home (meaning that we only get one night and two half days with him as a family). So, it was nice to get to spend the entire weekend with Will.


My brother Will and his family rented a cabin that weekend and we were able to spend some time with them as well. The kids had a blast playing with Riley. They normally only get to see her for a few hours at a time when we visit Mama’s house. She is growing so fast and is now at that stage where she wants to chase them around and be right in the middle of things. It was pure chaos!


That Friday we met Uncle Charlie, Mama, Daddy, and some family friends at the parade in Mobile.  I wanted the kids to get a sense of Veteran’s Day and why we celebrate it. If we don’t take the time to teach our kids how important it is and what a sacrifice the Veteran’s make for us, then the kids just think that they are getting another day off of school.  Thanks again to all of the Veteran’s for all that they have sacrificed (time with their families being the greatest of all) for our freedoms.


Here is a photo that we took with Uncle Charlie at the parade.


Monday, November 21, 2011

What Remains of Styx River Water World

During our family camping trip a couple weeks ago, Isabelle wanted to “go exploring.”  I took her for a walk around the campground and then decided to go over to the old Styx River Water World Park to see what was left.

One of my many childhood memories is that of making an annual summer trip to Styx River Water World.  I remember riding the bumper boats, carrying my mat up the steep hill for the water slide, and the many hours I spent shooting other kids with water in the children’s play area.  I even remember my dad climbing the many steps carrying his and my sled for the Rampage. 

Isabelle and I walked around the desolate area of what was left of the old Styx River Water World.  The entire time, she wanted to know all about what the park use to look like.  While I attempted to describe the former park to her, we took pictures of the parks current condition. (You can click on the pictures to see them larger)

I searched through Google images and found this scanned picture of a brochure showing where the various attractions of Styx River were located.  

Styx River Water World Map

As you can see from the picture below, most of the old structures of the park have been demolished and pushed in to large junk piles.
2011-11-11 16.59.07.jpg

There are still a couple of the large fiberglass animals that once adorned the park.  Here are Isabelle and Anna posing with the animals.
2011-11-12 13.40.39.jpg2011-11-12 13.41.08.jpg2011-11-11 16.34.23.jpg

We did discover one of the old speed boats lying in one of the piles of wood.  I remember always wanting to drive the speed boats, but never being old enough.
2011-11-11 16.51.00.jpg

This building still has the artwork and disclaimer from the water park.  It housed the bathrooms.   Right across from the bathrooms was the concession stand.  The two buildings use to be connected by a covered dining area. 
2011-11-11 16.53.27.jpg
2011-11-11 16.55.24.jpg

As best as I can remember this picture is taken from the walkway the went by the landing pool from the water slides.  I always hated carrying my mat up that big hill.  As you can see, there are no remnants of the slides remaining.  At the top of the hill, you can see the concession stand and bathrooms.
2011-11-11 16.42.58.jpg

This is the covered pavilion that stood next to the Rampage slide.  You can still see the brightly colored picnic tables lined up under the dilapidated structure.
2011-11-11 16.37.24.jpg 

I think Isabelle and Anna enjoyed the adventure and it was a nice trip down memory lane for me. 
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