Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Little Jailbird!

Anna's Animals

Anna loves her Marie from Aristocats. When she realized she was dressed to match, she wanted to take pictures with her Marie.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Luke Scootin' Boogie

Luke may not know how to crawl, but he still gets around!

Luke's New Trick

Not too long ago Luke figured out how to pull up on things. Now he has figured out how to sit himself up and get where he wants to be. He doesn't crawl, but he scoots and rocks until he gets there. I'll be posting a video soon of his version of crawling these days. The worst part is, now when we put him down for a nap, he sits himself up and holds on to the bars of his crib like he is in jail. He just sits there and whines until we pick him up. It is really sad sad business. Usually he doesn't cry, he just fusses a bit and then goes to sleep. But with him being sick this week, I am not letting him cry it out right now. So, I think he thinks that by sitting himself up and whining he is getting his way. He will be spoiled rotten by the time he well.

Princess Tiana

This is the first time the girls were able to meet Disney's newest princess. They were thrilled. I wish all of the princesses had their princes with them, but you never get to see the princes. I think it might make the little boys be happier about standing in line with their sisters.
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The girls were called on stage for some kind of show in Innoventions. The only story I got was Anna was called and Isabelle told the lady that Anna was too shy and she would have to go with her sister. She's such a good big sister!
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The Welcome Show

On the last day, they woke up early enough to watch the Welcome Show. The girls love that part. And the good thing is you are early enough to get a picture without anyone else in the background.
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Fun with Grandma!

Grandma took the girls to Disney last weekend. They had a good time. I'll post a few more pictures after this. Thanks Grandma!

Oh... and yes, Grandma wore a toilet paper shirt to Disney World. Way to go!
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sunday Best

Congratulations Isabelle!

Isabelle has worked very hard this year (granted, she could have worked a little harder). But, she brought her grades from ABC's to All A's.
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