Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Program 2012

Mrs. Robbi worked hard with the kids to teach them their parts, the songs, and most of all get them to behave long enough to hear anything she had to say. All of the kids did a great job and tried their best.


Here is Isabelle’s solo. She was very nervous but did great. She was a little quiet so it might be hard to hear what she was saying. This song also was one of the two that Luke was supposed to sing in.  He loves to sing and knew the words because I have heard him sing them a hundred times. Mrs. Robbi and the other workers told me that he usually behaves and sings and does what he is supposed to.


Of course, though, it wouldn’t be a Jay First Baptist Children’s Choir Musical if one of the preachers kids didn’t do something to completely embarrass their parents. This year it was Luke’s turn.  He refused to take a nap yesterday so I thought all of his behavior issues was because of no nap. As it turns out, when we left the church for snacks at the fellowship hall, his blood sugar was 57. He was having a low blood sugar and didn’t have the energy to even sit up towards the end of the song. And this was the last song of the night. He had been up and down the steps to sit in my lap several times. Most of the night he just laid on the steps of the stage.


Unfortunately, I have no excuse for the finger up the nose portion of the evening. He said it itched. What can I say?



I thought that song was beautiful! Nothing better than a group of kids singing happy birthday to Jesus!


Anna is still unwilling to take a solo. But she is making progress. This year she moved up front to do an echo part with some of her friends. She barely sang, but she did attempt to hunch over like they were supposed to.  Progress….





It was a fun night. Thanks Mrs. Robbi for all the work that you do with our children.

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