Monday, December 12, 2011

2011 Rushing Family Christmas Weekend

We had a wonderful time this past weekend at Grandma’s house for the Rushing Christmas as well as the Zuhlke Christmas.  We checked the girls out early and went to Aunt Jan’s house to visit briefly with Grandma and Granddad Zuhlke.  The chaos is too much for them to join us for Christmas anymore so it was nice to get to see them.

Later that night all of the Rushing's celebrated Christmas with Grandma.  The kids had a good time playing and rough-housing.

Grandma decided to get the kids each one big present this year instead of tons of little ones. Here is a video of our three kids getting there big gifts.

After that, this is what they looked like for the rest of the night.

We had a great time visiting and the kids all had a great time playing together. Thank you Grandma for everything!

The next morning after a quick trip to exchange Anna’s shoes that Grandma got her (because ALL of the other kids were wearing theirs and she wanted to wear hers too), family started trickling in at 9 AM.  We started eating at 9 AM and didn’t stop eating the whole day.  The kids all made ornaments with Aunt Jess and Aunt Donna. Cute little handprints with snowmen drawn on them. According to Aunt Jan’s itinerary, Uncle Bill was supposed to give a speech at 10:30 and the presents were supposed to start. Somehow we got off schedule. (And I am not even joking, Aunt Jan had a printed itinerary; I should have taken a picture as proof.) Somewhere around 11:00 the kids sat down to open their first present. They were picture frames that the kids all made for each other with pictures in them.  Then, thy called everyone back in the room for Uncle Bill’s speech about the big projects and why they did them. After that the kids all received their big presents…resulting in the following picture. I am calling this one ‘A Forest of Presents.’

There were bets made, lies told, and lots of speculation about what these gifts were. We were taunted all year long about what they could possibly be through a Facebook Zuhlke Family Christmas group page. And after much anticipation, the following was revealed.

These quilts were made by each of the 16 grandkid's respective grandparents over many many months. We know that they were made with love and the kids love them. We want to thank Grandma for making ours.

After the big quilt reveal, everyone opened their Christmas bags that are filled with things all year long. The kids love getting them.

For the past three years, they have done an M&M jar guess, this year Anna won for the kids. She got this blanket.
The adults were forced to play a game that my children play in school. A story was read and every time the word left and right were said we had to pass the present in that direction. It was silly but the kids all enjoyed sitting in the center and watching the adults have to play a silly game.

Sometime after that, the kids all had to play Christmas Bingo to earn their acrylic cups that Mrs. Joyce and I decorated for them. I never had to work so hard for Christmas presents in all my life….Then, we were finally able to eat! I think that is what the adults were looking forward to the most.

Throughout the entire day, Will had the camera set up in the living room taking pictures of the families and and different groups that wanted them. Here are some of them. Oh, and I have to say that the kids kept on getting annoyed because all day long they just wanted to run and play and we kept calling them back in for pictures, presents, games, and food.

Here is Grandma with her seven grandkids.
Here is Uncle Bill and Aunt Debbie with their six grandkids Logan, Kayden, Kelly, Candice, Kayley, and Caleb.
Here is Uncle Bill and Aunt Debbie.
This is Heather (Aunt Debbie’s daughter) with her husband Hector and their daughter Kayley.
Here is our group.
Here is Aunt Jan and Uncle Steve’s family.
Here is Donna (Uncle Bill’s daughter) and Rick and their kids Logan, Kayden, and Kelly.
Here is Mike and Jessica, Matthew and Lydia.
This year, Uncle Ron and Aunt Judy (Granddads sister) and their daughters Jennifer and Jamie were able to join us from Mobile.
Here is Scott (Aunt Jan’s son) and Shannyn with their kids Hannah, Carter and Hilary.
Here is Steve and Angela with Parker and Graci.
I didn’t have a picture of Billy (Uncle Bill’s son) but I know he was there.

Also, I have to say that we missed Sabrina (Aunt Debbie’s other daughter) and her husband Larry as well as Aunt Sue, Chris and Dani Zuhlke.

And how was that Grandma and Aunt Jan for knowing everyone’s names and who they belong to? I didn’t even have to take notes or have a cheat sheet. I may not have gotten the spellings all right, but I know who they are and who they belong to. Ha!

We had a great weekend and are counting the days until next years Christmas.  364…

And one more time I just want to say thank you to Uncle Bill, Aunt Debbie, Uncle Steve, Aunt Jan, and especially Grandma for all of your hard work and planning and preparations that went into Friday and Saturday for our families.

Monday, December 5, 2011

2011 JFBC Children’s Choir Christmas Musical

Last night the Children’s choir at our church presented their 2011 musical.  The 60 kid choir did a fantastic job of leading our congregation in worship.  Below is a picture of the entire group.  (It is a little blurry because I took it with my phone.)

2011 JFBC Children's Christmas Musical

Isabelle had the privilege of leading the opening song with a brief piano solo.  She told me she was really nervous, but she still did a good job.

My favorite song of the night was the finale song entitled, “Carry The Light.”  The kids were excited to use their battery powered candles, while the congregation lit real candles.

Isabelle and Anna enjoyed being a part of the choir.  After the musical, we had a birthday party for Jesus which included cake, popcorn, & hot chocolate.
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