Saturday, November 9, 2013

Cotton Pictures 2013

We have tried to take cotton pictures for over a month now. Every time we would try, the field would be picked or it would rain, or we couldn’t find anyone to take the pictures for us.


This past week we were finally able to get everyone ready, find a field, get someone to take the pictures, and have the weather cooperate all on the same day. Although I did have to bribe Anna because she was not happy with the outfit that I made her wear.


The day was beautiful! Here are my favorite pictures from the day.


IMG_7486 (edited)





My wild children.


We were just giving Will a chance to get the camera settings right in this next photo, but it turned out really good.


We have been watching Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this season…so I like to think of this next one as fire in my hands. My mom however, told the kids that I had caught a fairy from the field. They seemed to approve of that.


My pretty girls…


A big thanks to Jenny for letting us use her front yard and for taking our pictures! And a big thanks to Mama and Daddy for being willing to take the pictures and riding out there with us just to sit.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Jr. Beta Club Induction

This year Isabelle was inducted into the Jr. Beta Club for making A Honor Roll all through the fourth grade. She was very excited!


Here is Isabelle accepting her certificate and pin from Mrs. Allen their principal.


2013-10-31 12.33.33

Here is a picture of Isabelle with her certificate after the ceremony.

2013-10-31 12.37.49

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trunk or Treat!

Jay First Baptist Church participated in the Trunk or Treat activities that Jay United Methodist church does every year. Mt. Carmel Methodist participated this year as well.  We had over 100 kids.

I am not a huge fan of Halloween so we never do any trick or treating. If the churches do something we let the kids throw on one of their dress up outfits from the toy box and go to that.  But this year since our church was participating and I was decorating the car, I let the kids pick something that we could make.   Isabelle wanted to be a giraffe and Anna wanted to be a bee. Luke said he wanted to be a ghost but he never would put on his costume that I made; except just long enough to take this picture.

2013-10-30 19.13.33

The kids had a great time and ended up sitting on the porch with their friends eating candy all night while they waited on us to finish passing out candy. 

At one point I was watching Luke walk around with his friend Colton while he Trunk or Treated. I couldn’t help but feel sad that he wasn’t asking for candy and he would tell the people no when they asked him if he wanted any. We have dealt with diabetes for over a year now, but times like this are still painful. 

I did a “Bee”atitude theme this year. I wrote out all of the beatitudes but couldn’t make them stay on the car.  So, I had to settle for just the title and the scripture reference.  Here is a picture of how it turned out.

2013-10-30 17.07.26

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day of School for the 2013-2014 School Year

This year Isabelle started 5th grade and Anna started 3rd grade. I do not know where the time has gone.  Both girls were excited about meeting their new teachers and going back to see their friends.


Isabelle and her friend Jada have been in school together for six years now and have never been in the same class. And last year and this year there are only three possible classes. Anna and her friend Josie have been in school together for four years  now and have never been in the same class together either. What are the odds?  Especially considering that there are some kids who have been in Isabelle’s class all but one or two years.


Here is Isabelle with her teacher Mrs. Smith. Apparently, she is the daughter of a former pastor of  Jay First Baptist Church and used to live in this house. Isabelle thinks that is a neat thing.

First Day of School 2013


Here is Anna with her teacher Mrs. Rowell. She is a church member. Anna wouldn’t talk to her for the two weeks at church before she started school.  But apparently, Lana has won her over and we are hearing reports that Anna is as ‘out of her shell’ as she has ever been.


First Day of School 2013


Here is a picture of the girls each by themselves.

First Day of School 2013First Day of School 2013


Isabelle, especially, looks so grown up! But she is still one of the shortest people in her class. Makes me nervous knowing that in two years she will be in middle school.  I pray that I can keep them little (and innocent) for as long as possible. 


I am also praying that they have a wonderful school year and God uses them to teach others about Him. I pray for their safety and I pray for them to learn as much as they can possibly fit into those beautiful heads. I pray that they know how much their daddy and I love them! 


Thank you all for your prayers for them as well!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

One Last Summer Trip for 2013…

Will taught an adult Vacation Bible School last week at First Baptist Church of Fort Walton Beach. So, we decided to make one last camping trip of the summer. While we were there we took the time to hang out with family.

Every morning the kids and I took a walk, rode bikes and went swimming in the pool while Will was teaching.  Luke is getting much better at swimming with no floats.

Monday afternoon, we met Grandma at Goofy Golf in Fort Walton Beach. I told the kids we were going to play Goofy Golf. Their response was, “What’s that?” I tried to explain… putt putt, miniature golf, anything along those lines. Then I realized that my kids have never played anything like that.  I think we win the award for biggest parent fail of a childhood classic. A ten and eight year old have never played miniature golf. Sad.

2013-08-05 18.45.27-1
2013-08-05 19.16.422013-08-05 18.49.41

On Tuesday afternoon our friends came down with their boat for some tubing and relaxing. Here is Luke with Jada and Isabelle. He grinned and played the entire time. He kept putting his hand up trying to make the motion for ‘faster’.
2013-08-06 16.42.04
Jada and Isabelle trying to stand up on the tube. Isabelle is on the right bent over trying to stand.
2013-08-06 15.11.56
Anna wasn’t on it a full minute before Josie tried to stand up. I thought maybe my kids might think twice about it, but as soon as Josie stood up, Anna was trying to get herself up there. She is on the left on her knees in this picture.
2013-08-06 15.02.23
This was also Luke’s first ride on a boat (other than those of the Disney nature).

We had a great spot that we pulled up to with no one else around and we were relaxing and playing until a storm popped up. We zigged and we zagged and we made it around the thunder storm but we still got rained on as we headed back to the boat ramp.  The kids can’t wait to go again!

Wednesday afternoon we went back to the beach on the gulf side and the seaweed was everywhere. Will said, “come on, once you get past the initial part, it goes away.” After watching them for a few minutes I got brave enough to try it… Let me just say…he was wrong! It was still bad. Still gross. Still not something I could handle.  So we left the gulf side and went back to the bay side. Much better.

We caught hermit crabs and regular crabs.  The kids walked out a really long way with Will. Then a storm popped up again. I tell ya, Florida and these afternoon thunderstorms!

On Thursday, we met Will’s mom and Parker and Graci on Okaloosa Island for some more beach fun!  Again, we tried the gulf side. Still gross, but this time the kids could handle it. I sat myself on the beach and enjoyed the day.

Luke loves to dig in the sand.
2013-08-08 15.02.54
Apparently, so do the girls.
2013-08-08 15.45.27
And Parker.
2013-08-08 15.27.09
And Grandma.
2013-08-08 15.05.04
They made sand castles.
2013-08-08 15.12.04
Luke had to wash off his shovel every time he used it because he didn’t like the sand touching his hands.
2013-08-08 15.26.13
Parker and Grandma.
2013-08-08 15.19.38
Anna digging some more.
2013-08-08 15.05.51
It rained again, but this time it was right on the edge of us and it didn't storm. So, we stayed. Eventually we went back to Grandma’s house to meet up with Angela and have some dinner before returning to the camper.

We had a great trip!

Luke’s 4th Birthday!

Luke turned 4 on August 3, 2013.   He was so cute while we were singing to him.  A few days before his birthday, he looked at me and said, “Happy Mother’s Day Mama” and I said, “Thank you, but it isn’t Mother’s Day, but it is your birthday in three days.”  As sweet as possible, he said, “Oh, well happy birthday to me!”


He was so excited for his birthday that before I had put any icing on the cake and I was letting them cool, he said, “Oh Mama! My cake is beautiful!”  I love that kid!

Family Canoe Trip 2013

Yesterday was our annual Family Canoe Trip with the Rushing and Zuhlke families plus a few others. Many memories were made and lots of pictures and video were taken.  Will put together some of the footage to make this short video.

To begin with (and because it is a Saturday in August) it took us almost two hours to get signed up, paid, everyone where they were supposed to be and the rest of us transported to the drop off site. Here is a picture of Shannyn, Granny, Tina, and Hillary waiting…and waiting…and waiting for the bus.
Family Canoe Trip 2013

After we finally made it to the drop-off site,  loaded up all of our coolers and stuff in the canoes, made sure everyone had a tube or place to be, and got on our way we stopped at the very first island just around the corner to eat lunch. By this time it was almost noon.
Family Canoe Trip 2013
Family Canoe Trip 2013
Family Canoe Trip 2013

After loading up and moving again….we stopped again…
Family Canoe Trip 2013
and again…
Family Canoe Trip 2013

And then we ate again…
Family Canoe Trip 2013
and again…
Family Canoe Trip 2013
And then, when we made it to party island, we ate again. This time it was some of Will’s home grown watermelon.
Family Canoe Trip 2013
We ate a lot!

And then there were some of us (Parker and Tina), who got stuck in the trees…
Family Canoe Trip 2013
and stumps….
Family Canoe Trip 2013
and bushes…
Family Canoe Trip 2013

After the first hour, it started to rain….
Family Canoe Trip 2013
and rain some more…
Family Canoe Trip 2013
and some more…
Family Canoe Trip 2013
and some more…
Family Canoe Trip 2013
and some of us thought they could hide from it…
Family Canoe Trip 2013
and then since our 20% chance turned into a 100% chance of all day showers (thank the Lord it wasn’t thundering and lightning) we had no choice but to make the most of it and have fun.
Family Canoe Trip 2013
So, even in the rain we had a great time.  Thank you Aunt Shannyn for letting Luke sit in the kayak with you and play with the paddles. He LOVED it! And several times has told us that he is a good kayaker now.
Family Canoe Trip 2013

Of course all of the kids wanted to play in the kayak.
Family Canoe Trip 2013Family Canoe Trip 2013

Luke and Aunt Jess tubing.
Family Canoe Trip 2013

Steve, Angela, Graci, and Granny floating.
Family Canoe Trip 2013

Anna floating.
Family Canoe Trip 2013

Carter navigating around the stumps.
Family Canoe Trip 2013

Hannah and her friend, whose name I never caught but, Angela kept calling ‘pee girl.’
Family Canoe Trip 2013

Of course, Will and Steve had to find a branch to jump out of. And then coerce all of the kids to do the same.  I will give them credit though, they check for stumps, sticks, debris, and how deep it is before they do any jumping. And everyone goes feet first.
Family Canoe Trip 2013

This girl, however, jumped off of something and dislocated her finger. So, Mike put it back in place for her.  Always handy to have an EMT around.  Mike tried to talk the dad through how to do it, but the girl would rather have a stranger do it than her dad.
Family Canoe Trip 2013

Scott and Hillary taking it easy.
Family Canoe Trip 2013

Donna relaxing.
Family Canoe Trip 2013

Somehow, Steve got booted from his float with Angela so that Luke could ride in his place. And yes, the entire group behind them belongs to our party as well. We were a big group coming down the river.
Family Canoe Trip 2013

And here is our group shot that we take every year.
Family Canoe Trip 2013
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