Sunday, September 13, 2009

Isabelle's Tooth

As most of you heard (because Isabelle insisted on calling everyone she could think of), Isabelle lost her first tooth yesterday. We noticed last week that it was loose and we told her to wiggle it all the time and it would eventually fall out. Well... yesterday on our way home from shopping, Isabelle started to panick in the back seat and I looked back to see what was wrong. She, without moving her mouth said, "my tooth, my tooth." She, evidently had been chewing on a straw and jerked it out of her mouth and in doing so, ended up pulling out her tooth. Isabelle insisted that she was never going to lose another tooth (oh the drama). After finding the tooth (as it had fallen into the carseat) and convincing Isabelle that she didn't have a choice and the rest of her teeth would in fact fall out whether she wanted them to or not, Isabelle's mood improved and she was much happier.

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