Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Flu Babies

The doctor thinks the girls have the flu. Fortunately this strain that has been going around is mild in comparison to the seasonal flu. It mainly causes fever and belly ache and cough. Not so much the aches and pains that the seasonal flu causes. We will find out tomorrow for sure when the test results come back. Our doctors office makes anyone with a cough and fever wear the face masks. They were a little big, but the girls did okay with them. So far Luke is good, I have had to fight constantly to keep the girls away from him, but so far so good. And he is breastfed so hopefully we'll miss this round with him.


Unknown said...

Looks like some local robbers from Jay, Fl.!

Unknown said...

So do they have the flu?

Kate Rushing said...

The tests came back that Isabelle had the flu and Anna did not. I do not believe Anna's results. She has the same symptoms and her fever is higher than Isabelle's right now. So, yes they have the flu.

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