Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Anna's Birthday

Yesterday was Anna's Birthday. She was sick with the Coxsacchi (sp?) Virus (Hand-foot-mouth). She and Isabelle had had high fevers and blisters in their mouths since the weekend. The doc said that they could go back to school after 24 hours without fever. Yesterday was our 24 hour fever free period. So, basically Anna just got to stay home for her birthday. I had a lot of shopping to do, so I was gone for most of the day and brought home a cookie-cake for her Birthday. I have attached a picture of Will and her holding the cake while we sang (Aunt Sister, Uncle Charlie, Nana, Paw, and Callahan joined us via Skype) Happy Birthday to her.

After this, I had to bake a cake for her to take to school today to share with her class. At school, she got to pass out the cake to everyone and I have also included a picture of her enjoying her cake with her class.

Anna was very excited to receive all of the phone calls from friends and family wishing her happy birthday. And she was delighted yesterday when the florist delivered some balloons. Thank you Mrs. Robbi for helping to make Anna's day special.

I have also included a picture of Luke enjoying Anna's cookie-cake.

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