Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cousin Connor’s Birthday Weekend

We spent this past weekend at Nana’s house for Connor’s birthday party. He turned three this year. Time is flying!


Saturday morning while Riley was visiting we took some photos of Nana with the kids. We tried to take a picture with Paw, but he cooperated less than the kids and we didn’t get any good photos.


Connor’s party was at a place called the Watermelon Patch. It was so fun. They had lots of indoor play areas and things to do. Luke’s favorite part was the little coaster thing below.


Here is Connor, the birthday boy. I think he has been watching too much Tangled. He ran around with a frying pan the first half of the party.


Here are the girls in a bounce house.


Here is Isabelle being rolled around by Uncle Joshua.


And here is Miss Riley crawling around in the baby room.


The zipline was a favorite of the girls. I was surprised they got on it, but they ended up loving it. Here is Anna; the next one is Isabelle.


And here is the cake that I did for Connor. I wish I could have found a bigger cat and thing one and thing two figures. But this was all I could find.


Happy Birthday Connor!

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