Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

This year for Easter we decided to go to Nana’s house instead of making everyone drive to our house for the day. It worked out nicely since Sarah is on couch-rest while she tries to keep Charliegh from making an early appearance. We had a great time with all of the family able to make it (except the Bailey’s that live in Seattle).


The food was delicious, the company was good (and by that I mean we all got along), and the kids had a great time.  Nana had around 400 eggs for five kids; so there was plenty to go around and for the Daddies and Mommies to steal from.


Here is a picture of the kids chasing around the bubbles that were in some of the eggs.

2012-04-08 15.52.55


Connor digs through the eggs looking for something good. And his daddy is no doubt looking for some candy.



Here is Anna showing off a pink egg. I am not sure why.



Riley is pretty good at hunting eggs.



Isabelle is helping Connor get some eggs out of the tree. She is always the big sister.



Luke picked up some eggs, but he was too busy looking out for ants. He knows they hurt and made sure he told everyone about the ants that he found.



Isabelle liked hunting eggs at Nana’s house because there was actually places to hide/find them instead of them just being thrown out into the yard like we have to do at our house and the church.



Before lunch we had a chance to take some photos. Here is Nana and Paw.



I think I already posted this to Facebook, but here it is again. Our family in our matching oranges this year. Luke’s tie was the same color as the girls dresses even though you can’t see it.



Here is Anna with her Easter basket (what was left by the time church rolled around). We had tried earlier to take a picture but she would not cooperate. Cried the whole time so we took these right before we went to church.


Here is Isabelle with her basket.



Here is Luke with his basket. By this point I had removed the candy so that the church clothes weren’t ruined. He just wanted to play with Daddy’s flashlight.



Instead of buying store dye this year, I made it with my cake icing dyes. They turned out better than I expected.



Last weekend we had the church’s Egg Hunt and here are a few pics from that day.  Luke found a few eggs.

2012-04-01 12.23.23


Isabelle,  Jada, and Skylar go through their eggs.

2012-04-01 12.22.24


Isabelle and Anna  show off their finds.

2012-04-01 12.17.25


Mrs. Vivian, who normally runs from the cameras, was willing to take pictures with my kids this weekend. I had to share these. They love their Sissy!


Love this picture!



And here is my favorite picture of the Season. My beautiful babies. 


I hope everyone had as good of a time as we had this weekend celebrating Jesus’ Resurrection.  Please don’t forget that He Lives!

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