Friday, June 15, 2012

My Weekend Art Project

Over the last couple of months Will and I have been working to cleanup the pool area and make it look a little neater. Also, we were trying to keep down the amount of grass and dirt that the kids tracked in when climbing in and out of the pool.


We started by deciding to make a circle around the pool out of cement borders from Lowe’s. While debating about what to put in the circle (rocks, dirt, mulch, etc.) a friend of ours found a place that sells a truck load of beach grade sand for 25 dollars. I said, “yes please!” 


2012-05-24 12.00.52


Before we finished purchasing (we were collecting them over time) the cement borders, the wife of the same friend found a church member that was selling pool steps for 25 dollars (these steps go on craigslist for 150 used, 300 new). Again I said, “yes please!” And now I feel so much safer getting out of the pool.


2012-06-13 16.09.13


After getting the steps, we decided we needed a walkway to keep down the grass and dirt that the kids were tracking. After looking and debating, we finally decided on a little cobblestone type road. I think it turned out pretty cute! And I am so proud of my husband for using tools and cutting stone and making them fit just the way they needed to.


2012-06-12 21.16.04


Then we discovered that whoever had to stand there and scoop out all of the bugs had to stand in sand. So, we decided on stepping stones to go around the pool so that we could stand on those instead.


At first, I thought about making my own, Pinterest-style; with the cracked up glass and beads, and concrete mixed in my baking pans.  After realizing that I just didn’t want that much work, but I did want something cute that the kids could help me with; I decided to just paint the premade cement squares.


So, each kid got to help with two and then I did one family stone. Here are the pictures of the stones and then one of the pool from afar to see how they stand out.


Anna and her mermaid.

2012-06-15 18.11.18

Anna and her sheep.

2012-06-15 18.08.02

2012-06-15 16.56.482012-06-15 16.56.39

Isabelle and her crab.

2012-06-15 18.10.48

Isabelle and her giraffe.

2012-06-15 18.07.17

2012-06-15 16.57.032012-06-15 16.56.56

Luke and his monkey.

2012-06-15 18.12.03

Luke and his owl.

2012-06-15 18.10.18

2012-06-15 16.57.162012-06-15 16.57.11

Our family tree.

2012-06-15 16.57.24


Now, if only the sealer holds up and the weather doesn’t ruin them within the first summer I will be a happy girl!

2012-06-15 18.14.29

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