Monday, February 11, 2013

Love That Disciplines

Kate and I created nearly ten years ago as we were preparing for Isabelle's birth.  We wanted a way to share stories and photos with our family.  Over the years, has taken on various designs. (You can see some of the various designs of the site by visiting The Wayback Machine)  With the popularity of other social media sites like Facebook, our posts on has become less frequent.  While we might go months without posting anything, I still enjoy using this site as a way of sharing our stories with those who care enough to read them.

I have decided that a new way for me to make regular post to this site is to share the audio from some of my favorite sermons.  I don't plan on posting every sermon I preach to this site as it seems rather redundant since they are available on our church website at  Every now and then, though, there is a message that makes a particular impact on my life.  Yesterday's message was one of those sermons.  I have been preaching through a series that explores the various aspects of God's love and challenges us to exemplify them.  The series is entitled "Love That..."  Yesterday's focus was "Love That Disciplines."  Throughout my preparation for this message I was reminded of the responsibility that Kate and I have when it comes to raising our kids.  I am also thankful for the discipline demonstrated by my mom and dad.

You can listen to the message below.

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