Sunday, May 26, 2013

Anna’s Eighth Birthday!

This year Anna wanted an Artist Party. She has wanted one a few other times but I didn’t think I wanted a painting party with a bunch of five, six, and seven year olds.  This year, though, I thought we might could handle it.


Here is Anna with her paint splatter cake. She wanted me to just throw icing on the cake to make it look authentic.



She is growing up. When we moved here, she had just turned one. I can’t believe how time has flown.



Anna working on her painting.



Me helping Anna draw circles to paint.



Isabelle and Jada painting away.



Of course when you have a tedious time consuming project the kids get restless and the moms have to step in to help finish it up and do the touch-ups.







Hope and Bailey were doing a great job!



Luke just wanted to make a mess.  I had to help him with his painting. This was just him going to town with a piece of paper and the paint.



The next pictures are everyone with their paintings. I couldn’t get a group shot because some left before the other paintings were finished.



Here is everyone singing to Anna. She is the center of attention and is not even hiding under the table! I am so proud of her. She is slowly overcoming her shyness.


Thank you to everyone who came to Anna’s party and made her day special!

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