Monday, June 17, 2013

This Year's Garden

Last year I had several people comment to me about the weeds in my garden.  This year, I have worked hard to keep the weeds out and make sure the plants are well fertilized.  Today I walked out to the garden, after a week from being away, just to check on the plants.  I decided to take a few pictures and post a blog since the garden looks so good.

This year our garden has two sections.  One sections is just for watermelons.  Well, I planted a few sunflowers for so the kids could watch them grow tall.  The girls wanted to make scarecrows for each garden, but I don’t think the birds are scared.  They mostly use it for a perch.  Our Garden (June 2013)

I have planted both Sugar Baby and Jubilee Watermelons.  Here is a picture on a jubilee just getting started.

Our Garden (June 2013)

The sunflowers have grown taller than I expected.  They are just beginning to start producing seeds.

Our Garden (June 2013)

The other section has peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, and onions.

  Our Garden (June 2013)

This year I planted three types of tomatoes:  Beefsteak, Big Boy, and Cherry tomatoes.  This plant alone must have over 100 cherry tomatoes. 

Our Garden (June 2013)

My beefsteak tomatoes are almost ready to start picking.  There are eight beefsteak plants in total.

Our Garden (June 2013)

I have planted a hybrid sweetpepper and a hybrid Jalapeño.  My sweet peppers are just getting started, but I have already begun picking the jalapeños.  

Our Garden (June 2013)
This is the only cucumber so far.  It is almost ready to be picked.  Our Garden (June 2013)

I have already dug up over 50 pounds of potatoes.  I have planted more and don’t expect them to be ready for another month or so.

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