Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More Beach Time–Summer 2013

Last weekend we spent a few days in Gulf Shores with Joshua, Sarah, and the kids.


The first night we were there the kids couldn’t resist so we walked out to the beach to see the sunset and let the kids play for a bit. After playing for a while, we decided to take a walk down the beach. Upon returning to our chairs and toys we saw people pointing and fishing about 15 feet out in the water right in front of our stuff. When we looked to see what they were pointing at we could see two sharks circling and swimming about another 20 feet out in the water. I was ready to go home at this point. It wasn’t too far from where my kids and husband had been playing about thirty minutes before.


The next morning, we attempted the beach again because my kids are addicted. The water was smooth, beautiful and very enticing. So we played for several hours. I love morning beaches.  No sharks this time but we did see a few dolphins stirring up fish.


At one point in about three feet of water I put my shin down on the sand and hit something extremely hard. When it dawned on me that the sand shouldn’t be that hard I looked down and there was a horseshoe crab right underneath me. I didn’t realize how hard those little knuckle things are on their backs.


We thought we were going to try a local favorite and eat at Lulu’s one night but in our efforts to get five kids ready and cleaned up from a day at the beach and fishing, we forgot that it was a Friday night right at five o’ clock. It was a 2 hour wait.  Knowing that Luke’s blood sugar couldn’t wait that long, we decided to try Lamberts. It was 1 hour and 45 minutes, so we just ate at Cracker Barrel. We are close enough that we can try Lulu’s again some other time.


Here are a few pictures from the weekend.  Charleigh eventually got used to the water in the pool. But she never did come around to the beach water, or sand for that matter.


Staring contest? Or is she just looking at her reflection in her daddy’s glasses?


I think Luke enjoyed having someone younger than him to take care of since Riley doesn’t much want anyone’s help. She wants to do everything for herself.  However, I think that between Luke, Connor, Isabelle and Anna, Charleigh may have had enough help by the time we left.


These two looked like two old men telling tales about what they were catching. I kept hearing ‘hammerhead shark’ come up in the conversation.  The only thing they did catch was a sting ray and a very small fish.


Isabelle and Anna never did catch anything but, they enjoyed trying.


I never thought my kids would love the beach so much.

100_0032 (2)

Luke and his daddy.


Luke and Connor.


My three again!


Luke thought he was going to catch a sting ray.


Thanks Joshua and Sarah for the invite. It was a great couple of days!

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