Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Luke's Room

While many members of the family have already had the opportunity to see what Luke's room looks like, we figured that we would post some photos and a video of the room for all to see. A few weeks before my surgery, Kate and I spent a few days getting all the painting done. Then the Saturday before my surgery, Kate and I had some friends over to help us put up the chair railing. (I use the word "help" lightly. They did practically all the work.) We were able to get the crib and all the furniture up on the following Sunday and all that was left was putting everything in place. All the funiture is the same stuff that Isabelle and Anna used with the exception the book shelves and the changing table. The book shelves came from Uncle Charlie and changing table is new. I think I will have permanant brain damage from the four coats of polyurathane Kate wanted on the shelves.

You can see a bigger sized picture by clicking on the photos!

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