Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Well, I have to say this is one of the hottest summers I can remember. Today, I had a church member over to discuss next years AWANA program and start getting ready for clubs to start. While she and Will were talking I was sitting on the couch and I looked at our thermometer and it showed 133 degrees. After asking Will and our guest if I was seeing things, I realized that it was just that hot outside. After she left, Will and I decided to take some pictures of the thermometer; by the time we made it outside the temperature had gone down a little bit. But right now it is still showing 114. It is so hot it feels like you can't take a breath when you walk outside. So, needless to say I will pretty much just be hanging out inside until August. Let's just pray our air conditioners don't die. They have to run constantly to keep the house at a measley 78 or 79 degrees.


Unknown said...

Let me confess that the temperature of 133 and 120 was when the remote thermometer was sitting on an outside window sill. But that is still an accurate temperature of the bricks. Right now, with the thermometer on the porch, it reads 105.

Frank said...

How come Isabelle @ Anna dont have sunglasses on?

Unknown said...

They don't have sunglasses on because theirs are buried in their room under all the toys.

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