Friday, March 12, 2010

Isabelle Rides Without Training Wheels

Isabelle has finally learned to ride her bike without training wheels. Anna has been trying to teach her all week and today I had the chance to work with her some more. She is still a little unsure of herself, but the hard part seems to be over. As difficult as it was to get her to learn to ride a bike, it makes me dread the day I have to teach her to drive a vehicle. That sounds like a job for her mom!


Sarah/Robert said...

Wonderful! I'm so proud of her!

Unknown said...

Way to go Isabelle! Uncle Charlie was about 10 when I learned how to ride a bike. It wasn't pretty.

Unknown said...

I think I would like to see Uncle Charlie on a bike today. Just to show Isabelle that you still know how to do it.

They always say, "Its like riding a bike."

Unknown said...

Will! It wouldn't be pretty now at my age,but I think I can still do it and not kill myself!

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