Monday, March 15, 2010

The Long Jouney to Baylor!

I am spending the next 8 days at Baylor University in order to get some work done on my Doctor of Ministry degree. I had planned on leaving Jay whenever Luke woke up for his late night feeding. He has typically been waking up around 2am. For the first time in a long time, all three kids slept through the entire night. When Kate's alarm woke us up at 6am I realized that I had slept past my intended departure time. I quickly showered and got on the road.

Since I was already behind schedule, I figured why not stop in Mobile to meet Kate's dad for breakfast. We meet at the Waffle House and enjoyed a filling breakfast. After breakfast with Mr. Frank, I got back into the car for what I thought would be 10 more hours of driving.

While driving through Louisiana I encountered a couple accidents in the east bound lane, one of which shut down that lane of traffic and caused traffic to be backed up for miles. While passing all the cars stuck in traffic I was appreciative that it was not me. Throughout the entire state of Louisiana my journey was uneventful. As soon as I crossed the Texas border, things turned for the worse. In Orange, Texas traffic suddenly came to a top. I sat in my car hoping that it would only take a few minutes until we started moving again. I eventually realized that this situation may take longer than I thought and turned off the car in order to keep from running out of gas. I had not filled up since I left Florida. One hour turned to two, then three and finally after a total of three and a half hours traffic began to move.

After getting gas and a Mcdonald's hamburger, I fought my way through the Houston rush hour and made it to Waco by 10pm. It was a longer trip than I anticipated, but I am here safe! I am praying the the trip home is less exciting!!!!

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