Wednesday, August 25, 2010

End of Summer Camping Trip

Will and I decided to take the kids camping right before school started. We went to Krul Lake in Munson, Florida at one of the state parks. It was a very nice campground; nice and quiet. Despite the fact that it rained ALL day Thursday and we had to drive home on Wednesday for church and Thursday to meet the girl’s teachers, it was really fun.


Some friends of ours were also camping there that week so the girls had some friends to play with. Here are a few pictures from our week…


Isabelle and Jada strike a pose.



Anna and Josie after a few roasted marshmallows.



Luke loves the water. Even yucky old lake water.




The slot next to us was vacant so we let Luke play in the faucet drip. This is him trying to catch the water. This was the best entertainment for him. I wish we had one in the middle of our backyard.




We drove over to Bear Lake to look around and the girls couldn’t resist climbing on the statues to take some pictures.




The nature trail at Krul Lake was rather long and it had this really neat bridge over the creek. It would have been so nice if there wasn’t a trillion banana spiders hanging over the walkway.




Our very own biker gang!


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