Saturday, January 15, 2011

Disney Day One (January 2011)

We are off on another Disney adventure.  This time we are not staying on Disney property, but rather in our timeshare a little less than a mile away.  The kids have settled into the room and really enjoy the extra space.  As you can see from the picture below, Luke’s favorite part is the large Jacuzzi tub.  It makes a lot of bubbles! 


Disney Day 1 (January 2010)


In just a few minutes we will head over to the Magic Kingdom to begin our time at the Disney Parks.  As you might have guessed, Kate and I will update our Facebook page with updates to our adventures.  This time there will be less pictures of food since we are not on the Disney Dining Plan.  We will be cooking most meals in our room.


We are joined by Kate’s family (Dad, Uncle Charlie, Joshua, Sarah, & Connor) for the first part of the trip.  My mom will fly in on Wednesday and my brother will join us later in the week. 

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