Friday, January 21, 2011

Disney Days Six, Seven & Eight

I know it has been a few days since I posted an update, but we are on vacation and I have been busy.  I decided to cram the last three days of fun into one blog post.  So here you go!


Wednesday was day six of our adventure and we started the day off by driving the the Orlando International Airport to pick up my mom.  After her arrival, we took the girls to the Florida Mall so they could use the Build-a-Bear gift certificates they received for Christmas.  The ironic thing was that neither of them built a bear.  Isabelle built a rabbit and Anna built a cat.  Never the less, here they are with their new pets!

Disney (January 2011)

After we finished at the Florida Mall, we went to a place call Sweet Tomatoes for lunch.  Sweet Tomatoes is a salad buffet with lots of salads to choose from.  Before you get excited and think that I have changed my eating habits, rest assured that I ate from the baked potato bar.  From Sweet Tomatoes, we drove to the Magic Kingdom to spend the rest of the day.  While at the Magic Kingdom, Anna made her first trip on Space Mountain.  We also took Luke on one of his favorite rides, the carousel..   

Disney (January 2011)


The main reason for our time in the Magic Kingdom was to watch the premier of the new The Magic, The Memories, and You show.  This show uses 16 projectors to display images on Cinderella Castle.  It was a really neat show and a great prelude to Wishes. 

The show was pretty good.

The next day, our 7th day at Disney World, we met up with Mike and his family and spent the day at Animal Kingdom and then made our way over to EPCOT.  While in the Animal Kingdom, Luke had to chance to meet Terk, from Disney’s Tarzan.  He was not real sure about the experience. 

Disney (January 2011)

While at EPCOT we stopped to take a group picture at the special meet and greet for Disney Visa card holders.  We were the last family for the day and were able to spend more time with the characters. 

Disney (January 2011)

Today we began our day by packing our bags to transition from our timeshare to Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort.  We will only be here one night, but we wanted to add a day to our trip since we had family that would be here.  Once checked into the resort, we boarded our Disney bus and met Mike and his family at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 

Disney (January 2011)

Matthew, Mike’s son, really wanted to ride the Tower of Terror but did not have anyone to ride it with since his parents refused.  We met at the tower and both Isabelle and Jessica decided to join Kate, Anna, Matthew and me on the ride.  I was proud of Isabelle for trying the ride, but I don’t think we will ever get her or Jessica on the ride ever again.  Isabelle was in tears when exiting the ride.  She vowed to never ride the ride again.  The funny thing was that once she calmed down, later in the day she wanted to ride it again.  We did not let her though.

Disney (January 2011)

Also while at the Hollywood Studios, I took the opportunity to take the kids picture by the this tree.  I have a picture of the kids by this tree from every trip we have been on since 2006.

Disney (January 2011)

Disney (January 2011)Disney (January 2011)

About 3:00 p.m. the rain started coming down and we put on our ponchos and took the boat to EPCOT.  The boat ride from the Studios to EPCOT is relaxing and about 25 minutes long.  It was just long enough for the rain to pass.

 Another rainy day at Disney World.

The girls have been begging us to do once of the Kim Possible adventures so as soon as we arrived at EPCOT, we checked in at the kiosk and headed to Norway.  The girls had fun when they weren’t arguing over who got to hold the phone. 

Disney (January 2011)

We made it back to the resort around 7:30 p.m. and have tried to get in bed early.  We will head to the Magic Kingdom in the morning and leave for home around lunch time.  Please pray we will have a safe journey home!

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