Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Influence of Michael Jackson

As a child growing up in the in the late 80's it was hard to avoid the influence of Michael Jackson. The photo to the left gives a glimpse into the influence that he had on the Rushing boys. We were very much into the pop icon. We had photos on the wall, all the right clothes, and even a glitter glove. After class today, I came to my apartment to watch the Nightly News and, as you can guess, it was filled with images from the Jackson Memorial Service. While I am no longer enamored with Jackson, it was sad to see an image that reminds me of my childhood gone. The news clip that really made me sad was that of Jackson's daughter speaking a few emotional words about her father. This reminded me that regardless of all the controversy that surrounded Jackson through the years, there is a little 11 year-old girl that will not have the influence of her father as she grows up. It has only been a few years since my dad passed away and hearing and seeing the pain on that little girls face reminded me of the pain of that day in May 2007 when I had to say goodbye to my own father. It was also hard to see the pain of Jackson's daughter without causing me to miss my own family while I am in Texas. It makes me appreciate everyday that I get to spend with my family. My prayer is that I will be a Godly influence for them.


Steve said...

I've been looking for that picture to show Parker since MJ died. Those were the days!!

Unknown said...

I had to get it from Mom... She is supposed to be getting me a better copy of it. You can't even see the glitter gloves in this photo.

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