Saturday, July 11, 2009

This Week

I had to leave Mobile Wednesday to come home for a doctor's appointment/ultrasound/NST. The doctor just wanted to check the size of Luke because I am a gestational diabetic. Well, instead of being big, he measured small (in the 10th percentile). And apparently with gestational diabetics there is a tendency for the placenta to give out and quit feeding and nourishing the baby. So, to be on the safe side, I was sent to a high risk obstetrician at Baptist Hospital named Dr. Maher on Friday, the 10th. After a three hour doctor visit with the longest ultrasound ever (they have a more detailed and advanced machine and their techs take a lot more measurements and check blood flow from me to the baby, in and out of the baby's heart, baby's cerebellum fluid, etc.) the doctor told me that Luke is measuring small but he is perfectly healthy at this point. I don't have to go back to him, but I do have to keep going in and doing the Non-Stress Tests once a week. So, yippee for that. Also, at my Wednesday appt. with my doctor she told me that I am 3 centimeters dialated already. Oh, and Luke is measuring at 5 lbs. 7 oz. right now. The doctor did say that any time after the 15th, Dr. Doyle could decide that she doesn't want to wait any longer and take him early b/c it is safer for him to be in a nursery and monitored than to have the placenta quit working. I have included a picture of Luke's face from my ultrasound on Wednesday. I know I am not as good at taking pictures of a picture as Will, but here it is. That's it on the baby front.
In the midst of all this, I am now sick. I went to the doctor Thursday to see if I had strep throat since the girls had it three times over the last month. I was negative, but the doctor wanted me to take a round of antibiotics since I am so close to delivery just to be on the safe side. Also, Isabelle has a Swimmer's Ear Infection now that she has started swimming underwater ALL of the time. So, Nana got to come nurse us all back to health and run my household for a week.

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