Saturday, July 4, 2009

Isabelle's Birthday Party

Isabelle's 6th birthday will be on July 15th. Since I will be in Texas during that time, we decided to have a small birthday party for her while I was in town. When Kate asked Isabelle what kind of cake she wanted, Isabelle replied, "I want a jungle cake with giraffes." With those explicit orders from Isabelle, Kate went to work creating the exact cake Isabelle wanted. Isabelle was really excited about opening her gifts. Along with clothes and money, she also received a suitcase from her Nana & Pawpaw and a craft box from Kate & me. She immediately went to the living room with Anna and Aunt Yank to play with her craft set. She is also excited about having a real suitcase for our trip to Disney at the end of September. While it wasn't huge, Isabelle enjoyed her party and was glad her dad was here to watch her blow out her candles and open gifts.

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