Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2011 Spring Musical

Our children’s choir presented their musical last Sunday night at Jay First Baptist Church. The kids had a good time and did well. Anna cried for forty minutes before we went because she didn’t like the dress I made her wear. She is not a fan of long dresses, but since she was on the front row, I wasn’t taking any chances at her showing off her new Minnie Mouse panties that she got for Easter.


I was amazed, because after crying all that time, she decided that she would entertain everyone with her dancing and antics during the show.


Isabelle had a singing part and was very nervous so she did not seem very happy. Here is Isabelle’s solo in the song, He Is My Light.


Here is the children’s choir singing Stop and Think. It is a cute song and shows a little of what Anna did.


This is Anna and Josie being goof balls and showing off for the camera during their rehearsal time.


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