Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother’s Day Weekend

For Mother’s Day we decided to go camping about 30 minutes away at Munson. Because it is so close, we left Thursday afternoon and drove back and forth for school and church. We went with some friends who are always a big help and also make our trips more fun for the girls! Thanks to the Lowry’s!


One of Luke’s favorite parts of the weekend was feeding the ‘feesh’ as he calls them. At one point there was so much bread in the water that the fish weren’t even hungry anymore. But Luke continued to throw the bread in anyway.


Anna and Isabelle enjoyed swimming in the ice cold lake. It was hot enough outside that they could get in and cool off and then get out for while to warm up. Luke however, was having no part of that. I put his feet in and he stuck his arms up and didn’t want to be in the water.


Isabelle decided to make a ‘funny’ face for this picture.


We all took bike rides around the campground (I had to push the bike up some of the hills) but we did it. Will had Luke in the bike trailer for this picture so you can’t see him or Will.


Luke was a little tired from this particular bike ride.


We also discovered that like most boys I know, he is a pyromaniac. He loved throwing things into the fire. He even threw a plastic toy shovel into the fire that I had to get out real quick.


We took some pictures as a family.


And as a group.


Luke spent much of his time in his little fence. He really enjoyed it when the girls got in and played with him.


All in all it was a spectacular trip and we have plans to do it again. Hope everyone else’s Mother’s Day weekend was as much fun as ours!

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