Thursday, June 10, 2010

Anna's Graduation Videos

I finally got a chance to post a couple of videos of Anna's graduation. The lighting was not very good so the videos are dark, but dark videos are still better than no videos at all. The darkness in the room also caused the camera to have a difficult time focusing.

As a part of the graduation ceremony, each student received a letter and then reported the letter to the audience. Anna's letter was V, but she was so shy you could not hear her talk. I was still proud of her. I had my doubts as to whether she would even be willing to stand in front of everyone without covering her face.

Throughout the school year, the kids in Anna's Pre-K class learned various memory verses. In the video below, Anna and her friend, Josie, team up to say their memory verse. It may be hard to hear, but if you listen closely, you can make out the words to John 3:16.

After the demonstration part of the ceremony was complete, the students were then called up individually to receive a diploma. This video shows Anna and a couple of her friends walking on stage to receive their diploma.

It was a very nice ceremony and I was proud that Anna did as well as she did. She is really looking forward to Kindergarten!

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