Saturday, June 19, 2010

Isabelle & Anna VBS 2010 Summary

   This year the girls had a blast participating in Vacation Bible School.  Our church used Lifeway's Saddle Ridge Ranch as the theme and everyone had a good time dressing in their western attire.  We averaged a little over 60 kids per night and almost the same amount of workers per night.

On the final night, Tim Russell, one of the deacons in our church, brought his 3 week old mule for the kids to pet.  All the kids loved getting this opportunity to get close to the animal.  Even Luke got in on the action.  I have attached four videos of the presentation that our kids made to their parents last night.

(You can click on the pictures to the left to view them larger)

In this first video, the preschool group sings "If Your Saved and You Know It."

In this video, the preschool class presents "In Right, Out Right, Happy All the Time" and "I am So H-A-P-P-Y." As you can see, the kids had fun.

The children's classes presented four songs during our VBS commencement ceremony. Here are two of those four songs. The first song is "I am who He Says I Am" from Lifeway's Saddle Ridge Ranch VBS.

In this video, the kids sing "Don't Be A Tumbleweed" from Lifeway's Saddle Ridge Ranch VBS. I think this was their favorite. I know it was Kate's favorite.

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